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Have you ever wondered why Italian foods are so delicious even though they seem so simple? This is because Italians believe that food should be made from the highest quality and freshest ingredients. Italian kitchens create fresh home-made pastas from spaghetti to ravioli and manicotti. No Italian meal would feel complete without some rustic wood-fired garlic pizza bread. Traditional Italian food gets a lot of its goodness from olive oils. Whether you’re keeping things simple with a marinara sauce or diving into a tasty lasagne, tomatoes are consistently the centre piece of Italian dishes. Have you ever wanted to know why authentic Italian food always tastes so fresh? It’s fresh herbs like aromatic basil! Basil adds a lightness to even the heartiest dishes. Who knew that one little vegetable could delight the senses and taste? Italians like to roast their garlic in olive oil to bring out the aromatics that are simply mouth-watering. From soups to sauces and meats, you can never forget the garlic when you’re enjoying a traditional Italian fare. And if you’re enjoying a decadent meal, then you’ll want to bite into something both rich and salty. Italians are renowned for making good cheeses. Mozzarella, parmesan, ricotta, and pecorino are just a few to sample. Just ask Nonna


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